What Swiss Management Factory Is All About

We are THE experts when it comes to companies' ability to execute.

Swiss Management Factory has focused exclusively on improving specialists, leaders, teams, business units and entire organizations' ability to execute for over 15 years.

Our approach is holistic; our practices are profound and proven.  We know how to embed training outcomes, new objectives and fresh solutions in organizations and minds. These methods are underpinned by deep, penetrating insight into the problems that individuals, teams and organizations face when putting change into practice.


Unconventional yet down to earth – and with a customer-centric mindset

Swiss Management Factory GmbH (in Switzerland: Management Factory AG) has furnished reliable and innovative tools for developing business models, human resources and organizations to customers since 1997.

Our clientele values our customer-centric mindset, down-to-earth attitude, candor and integrity as well as our facility for turning up new and sometimes unconventional solutions.

Customers know that we are able to systematically bridge the divide between
• strategic options such as business models, structures, resources and technologies
• daily operations, to include considerations such as processes, costs, value creation, competition, price enforcement, and customer benefits,
and attitudes, communication, power, culture, innovation, and other soft success factors


From technical implementation to enduring behavior change


Our consultants certainly provide the hands-on technical support necessary to put change and optimization initiatives into action. However, our service goes beyond the technical to factor the human element into the equation and achieve lasting behavior change.

This enables us to deliver the effective and sustainable outcomes that mere situational solutions cannot. Our outlook on management practices always connects workflows such as personnel allocation and process management with applied behavioral and organizational psychology to identify personality types, light the fires of volition and build strong teams. And we have toolbox full of powerful implements that help us solve the implementation problem.

Every time we step up to take on a project, we reach into this toolbox to make change happen. But our customers expect more than just a quick fix for urgent problems. They want a spark that ignites a sustainable program to develop the organization and its human resources. They want to keep that flame alive as they hone their ability to execute. And they count on us to help make the transition to a self-sustaining, adaptive learning organization and dynamic business force.


Coaches and consultants with management experience


What also sets us apart is our team's management experience. Swiss Management Factory staff devoted many years to handling the day-to-day business of industrial, service or trading companies before earning their wings coaches and consultants. We know how business works in the real world.

It is this insight that makes our proposals for optimizing business practices, improving efficiency, achieving new goals and entrenching changes so incisive and inclusive. These measures are on target; their impact is enduring. And they will not be derailed by the pitfalls of day-to-day business or opposition to change.

In other words, we don't just apply what we know to find holistic and sustainable solutions to the problems of implementation today. We share our knowledge and expertise, empowering customers to continue mastering this challenge for many tomorrows to come.